"Blue Blooded" Diving -  SUBEX Diving Center at BARON PALACE, SAHL HASHEESH, HURGHADA

The SUBEX diving center in Sahl Hasheesh is based inside

the luxurious 5* "Baron Palace" Hotel. Hotel and diving center

combine exquisit service with world class diving experiences.


SUBEX Diving Center

Baron Palace Hotel

Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea, Egypt

Center: 0020 122 240 71 64

Op. Manager: 0020 122 322 56 91

Email: hurghada-shs@subex.org



Relax and enjoy - under water or above. The white coral sand

of the bay of Sahl Hasheesh offers optimal conditions for both.

Directly from the beach you can submerge to the local diving

spot - brand "multifaced & beautiful".


SUBEX Sahl Hasheesh - Fingerschwamm mit Glasfischen

No need to go deep - the numerous small coral blocks reside in relatively shallow water and invite you for long, relaxed dives.The generously arranged diving center is located in the right wing of the hotel, immediately behind the Kids Club.
Our team at Baron Palace is looking forward to your visit in marvelous Sahl Hasheesh. 
We offer the complete SUBEX diving program - diving packages, courses, specialties and - naturally - also  the boat diving trips on board of the SUBEX boats Alchasar and El Hambra (offer by our El Dahar diving center) are not missing.