SHS - Roter Fingerschwamm mit Glassfisch-SchwarmYou submerge into the water from a beautiful, 400m long sand beach directly in front of the hotel.  After about 80m on foot you reach water deep enough to start your dive and submerge at the first colorful coral blocks. 

The divespot offers a variety of small and medium sized reefs that are boosting with maritim life and reside in depths between 2 and 14 m. The total size of the explored parts of the diving area is an estimated 6000 m².

Between the reefs you find long stretches of seagrass and sandy bottom. Due to its variety of scenarios, its sheer size and possible routes this housereef does not get boring! It is easily suitable for up to 10 dives and you still find somethin new.

Especially floating over the large seagrass areas with their special lightning and visibility is a diving experience not to miss and offers a unique atmosphere! Go searching for the small and shy inhabitants of this special underwater landscape - the trained eye can find some rare sights here!

SUBEX installed orientation lines under water so the dive spot is also well prepared for unguided dives (depending on your experience) or Early Morning dives with their special light & life conditions.

SHS - Night Dive - Sea horse  SHS - Riffblock auf 11m mit prächtiger Salatkoralle  SHS - Selten: Der Kurzflossen-Zwergfeuerfisch 

Divers who prefer a larger variety of different diving spots or deeper dives can join in on the daily boat trips to the fantastic divesites organized by our Hurghada Center in El Dahar.



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