SUBEX Service for Dahab - "Made in Sharm El Sheikh"

Dahab is located on the Sinai Peninsula, about 90 km north of Sharm-el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aquaba and can be reached in an easy one hour journey from our diving center in Sharm.


Crossing the Sinai Mountains with their bleak, breathtaking landscapes offers a vast contrast to the colourful, lively local dive sites.

The word Dahab means “gold” in Arabic and is named for the fine, golden sand in the town’s large bay. Many Bedouins still live in this area and with their sheep, goats and camels give the place its distinctive appearance.

Operated from our diving center in Sharm El Sheikh we take you to the fascinating underwater world of Dahab with its well renowned dive spots, like the Blue Hole, The Canyon, Lonely Lionfish Rock,...

Dahab Divespots 1Divespots Dahab 2Divespots Dahab 3


Dahab offers lots of little restaurants along the promenade that invite you to linger a while in their establishments. The Assala district, if you get that far, will give you an authentic insight into how local people live. Most visitors to Dahab are divers and windsurfers who come here to make the most of the area’s excellent conditions for their sport.






Access to the fringing reef is located directly in front of the beach and can be reached easily over a bridge. Our friendly employees are of course ready to help assemble your equipment as far as you need. The private reef's perfectly intact coral world with its fascinating formations of hard coral is simply awe-inspiring. It offers both beginners and experienced divers a wealth of varied dives, during which there is always something new to discover. It is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved dive sites in Dahab.


That is pure adventure for divers! After breakfast you just walk


a short distance along the beach to the dive centre or get picked up from our transfer service. The SUBEX Guide gives you already the first informations at the center. Afterwards the equipment is loaded to one of our vehicles and after a short drive the small group reaches the dive site at the beautiful coast.

The group gets prepared without hassle on a big carpet and walks just a few steps to the reef for the dive. Thrilling drop offs, exciting canyons and caves as well as most beautiful coral gardens and landscapes meet the divers eyes. Keep it short: Everything the Red Sea has to offer!

Depending on the season a cool drink or hot Egyptian tea await our guests after the dive. Later that day we take our equipment to another dive site or directly back to the dive centre or your hotel. There is also always a possibility for a snack at one of the many Bedouin restaurants.