"Small but pretty" meets "Five stars" - SUBEX Diving Centers Hurghada, El Dahar and Hurghada,Sahl Hasheesh

altOur  first and oldest SUBEX diving center is independent from the hotel and located in the Al Dahar district, not far from the centre in all its Eastern glory.

Qualifying as the oldest diving school in the area – there since 1985 – we thus have a wealth of experience to fall back on.

Even former diving pioneer Johann Vifian, now the managing director of SUBEX, and his wife Verena, now staff manager, still provide their knowledge and experience on site today. In addition to the daily business of diving with its own dive boat and wide range of courses for beginners and advanced divers, our base in Hurghada also offers CMAS and SSI courses at instructor level for SUBEX employees.

Limiting activity to 12 guests creates a lot of camaraderie and a friendly atmosphere. 

SUBEX Hurghada is therefore particularly suitable for single travellers and families. Enjoy diving "made to meassure" with our first dive center in Egypt.


SUBEX Hurghada guests often live in Triton Empire Hotel.

SUBEX empfiehlt/SUBEX recommends:

SUBEX Hurghada Diving Center, El Dahar

P.O. Box 207

Aldahar, Hurghada, Ägypten

Phone: 0020 653 547 593,
Fax: 0020 653 547 471

E-Mail: hurghada@subex.org

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