Dive sites in Hurghada & SAHL HASHEESH

SUBEX EL DAHAR - To each his own reef

There is a hurge variety of diving spots in Hurghada, ranging from "Aquarium style" reefs over soft slopes to amazing dropoffs.

Particular highlights are the large gorgonian fans growing on the steep rock faces of the Red Sea wall, the reef towers adorned with colourful soft coral at Erg Abu Ramada, as well as the coral gardens in the canal between the two Giftun islands.

Our crew knows the reef around Hurghada like the back of its hand and will give “old hands” a surprise or two with some unique dives.


An extract of the more than 70 divesites around Hurghada can be found on this map:

Overview of the Hurghada divesites around the GIftun Islands and Abu Ramada