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The house reef in Na’ama Bay

It’s just a few metres to the sea from the diver platform; easily accessible over the sandy beach. You can dive in shallow water, while various beautiful coral walls rise elegantly from the sandy bed.

The variety of fish is well worth mentioning: eagles and blue-spotted rays, moray eels, lionfish, Napoleon fish, large grouper fish and, with a bit of luck, a large green turtle are among our “pets”. This area is great for taster dives, diving courses of all types and underwater photography. In addition to the normal programme, we also offer Early Morning and Night Dives at the beach every day.


The house reef in Umm Marikha Bay

From the diving centre, it’s just a few steps to the access point over one of the four wooden bridges. Access with a jump or down some stainless steel steps. The reef descends sharply to about 8 – 10 metres from the top of the reef. There is a small platform at approx. 20 metres and then a drop off to 45 metres. The house reef is therefore suitable for taster dives in the flat area and ‘experience dives’ along the beautiful coral walls in an area of 5 to 20 metres. You can even find similar conditions to steep faces between 20 and 30 metres. Often to be spotted are beautiful schools of fusiliers, Napoleon fish, nudibranches, moral eels or scorpion fish.

Trips on the dive boat

Full-day trips

We will take you to the reefs in the Straits of Tiran on full-day boat trips. The perfectly intact top coral reefs are called the Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon Reefs. In addition, the boat also does full-day trips to the Ras Mohamed National Park. This region encompasses the southern tip of Sinai and Egypt’s only National Park. One of the top 10 dives in the Red Sea is just waiting for your visit!

altJumping into the water at the steep face of the Shark Reef and swimming along the colourful coral walls to the Yolanda Reef is an extra special experience. And as the icing on the cake you can admire what are perhaps the best-known toilet bowls in the diving world (!) – the cargo of freighter Yolanda when she sank here in 1980.

Various schools of fish such as double-mark snappers, barracudas, batfish and surgeon fish can be observed here, particularly in the summer months.

Of course, we also organise trips on request to the most famous wreck in the Red Sea – the SS Thistlegorm. This merchant navy ship sank during World War II and was discovered and filmed in the 1950s by famous oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.



Minibus Excursion

A Relaxing Day at the Ras Mohamed National Park

The day starts at about 10 am at the diving centre or your hotel. We take a leisurely drive in one of our air-conditioned minibuses to Egypt's National Park. The plan is to do a relaxed dive from the shore; the rest of the day can be tailored to the individual wishes of our guests. A maximum of six participants per excursion are then able to enjoy the day at the beautiful sandy bays far away from crowded beaches. Participants are responsible for bringing their own food, but this can be organised by SUBEX on request.



Back to the real roots in the protected area around Nabq

This excursion sets off at about 10 am and is organised according to guest preferences. Then off we go in an air-conditioned minibus with a maximum of six participants. There is then a leisurely dive from shore on the programme, and we will organise lunch on the beach Bedouin-style on request! This trip is suitable for everyone.

NABQ - Back to the real roots in the protected area around Nabq

Pure Nature – A trip of superlatives

We start at 8am, min required 4 persons, with our climatized van from the nabq1SUBEX base to the Nationalpark Nabq.

On our one hour lasting way to the nationalpark it's quite a lot of thing to see and many amazing picture views.

After arrival in the protecture beauty of the nationialpark Nabq we start our leisurely, relaxing dive on our self discovered SUBEX Green Canyon


nabq2      nabq3     nabq4


After a not-too-long break we go to the second dive site. Time to relax and for some food. The barbecue, which is prepared lovely by the Bedouins,  tastes fantastic


nabq5        nabq6        nabq8


After the lunch break with food and drinks we are preparing for the second dive.

The Nakhlet Al Reef valley is embedded in a magical underwater world in a seagrass bed.

Experience the pure nature is a trip of superlatives that ends at 17.00 clock with a wonderful visit and returning to the SUBEX base.







Na'Ma Bay


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