NacktschneckeIn addition to beach dives in Na’ama Bay and house reef dives at Umm Marikha Bay, we also offer trips to the dive sites along the nearby coastal reefs such as Ras Umm Sid, Ras Nasrani or The Tower. Our full-day trips head for Ras Mohamed, more specifically to dive sites such as Shark Reef/Yolanda Reef, or to the Gordon, Woodhouse, Thomas or Jackson Reefs in the Straits of Tiran. Starting points are from Na’ama Bay or Travco Marina. We also offer coach trips to Dahab (the protected area around Nabq) or Ras Mohamed. All trips or excursions can be booked through any SUBEX Centre in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

More detailed information about dive sites is available here.

Diving for children

Bringing children and young people closer to life beneath the waves is an important and beautiful task. We offer dives for children and young people, as well as special diving courses. All programmes are subject to age and there will be an initial consultation with the parents or guardians about the child’s physical and mental fitness.

For those who have already had training and hold a diving certificate, we go by the guidelines set out by the VDST. Diving courses for children and young people are held separately to the adult programme. We always abide by our high SUBEX standards and are able to offer our budding divers safe and memorable underwater experiences.

Diving lessons

Regardless of whether you want to do a beginner’s course or consolidate your training, our bay offers perfect conditions for all kinds of SUBEX courses. To get an idea as to whether diving is for you, simply go on one of our taster dives. All details about courses or further training are found here:

> Diving lessons

> Advanced training


In Na’ama Bay, snorkelers can enjoy their first experiences with ABC equipment and the sea quite easily and comfortably from the beach. Experienced snorkelers can also take part in our trips on the dive boat, visiting the dive sites along the coast or taking a tour of discovery in the Straits of Tiran. As far as available, guided snorkel tours can also be organised. Please ask on site.

Diving for disabled guests

Our employees are not trained to dive with disabled guests. A suitably qualified diving partner must therefore be responsible for supervision and guidance both underwater and on land. Furthermore, our diving base unfortunately does not have the proper infrastructure for wheelchair access. This means that no disabled facilities are available for diving at the private reef, from the boat or during diving excursions on the coach. Diving for disabled guests is therefore only possible to a limited extent and requires a willingness to improvise from all parties.

There is no extra charge for additional costs incurred when diving with disabled guests. We gladly accept reservations if guests explain the full details of their requirements, conditions and requests beforehand with the base manager.

Programme Overview

Diving activities:
  • Beach dives
  • House reef diving
  • Boat trips
  • Taster diving sessions
  • Snorkelling tours
  • Early Morning and Night Dives from the beach
  • Early Morning Dives from the boat
  • Nitrox diving for free
Diving lessons
  • FUN Diver / SSI Scuba Diver
  • SUBEX Diver (SSI OWD / CMAS T*)
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • SUBEX ART Diver (CMAS T**)
  • SUBEX Dive Leader (CMAS T*** / SSI Dive Con)
Speciality Courses:
  • Night / Deep /Current dives, UW Orientation/Navigation, Stress&Rescue, Dive Planning/Leadership, Equipment & Techniques, Wreck, Nitrox Courses, others on request.
Diving Programme for Children & Young People
  • Taster diving sessions from 8 years
  • FUN / SSI Scuba Diver from 10 years
  • CMAS Dolphin 1, 2, 3 from 10 years
  • Junior SUBEX Diver (SSI JOWD / Dolphin 3) from 12 years