Gather new experiences

Of course the most important thing is to improve your diving skills by diving, diving, diving! However, these new experiences and special dives should initially be under the guidance of an experienced instructor, who will plan the dive safely from beginning to end and allow you to become accustomed to the new surroundings.

Naturally, SUBEX offers continuation courses and special courses for all levels and interests. Before the start of the course, the guest’s theoretical and diving knowledge will be checked through a comprehensive conversation and during the Welcome Dive. A tailored course can then be offered.

Once you’ve had a “taste” of the wonders awaiting you under the waves’ surface, you soon develop a real craving for exploring them – that is the fate of any ambitious diver! Take part in the advanced training programs below and watch the gates of this underwater paradise swing wide open for you.

Important Note: SUBEX does all training courses in small groups with at least 2 and a max. of 4 participants. If there is, cause of the guest situation just 1 participant in the course additional fees will be deducted. Furthermore the SUBEX Logbook, the SUBEX trainingbook and a CMAS or SSI certificate is included.
On demand each training course can be done as a privat course for extra fees.



DCR Imperator

SUBEX ART Diver – the way to independence

This course is based on a combination of diving experience and further training. ART in this case stands for Advanced, Rescue and Twostar.

It is an intensive course and lasts at least 6 days, comprising the four special courses Navigation, Deep Diving, Rescue Techniques and Diving Equipment, as well as all aspects of safe dive planning and different exercises in the field of swimming and free diving with ABC equipment.

It is certified with the CMAS T** (included in the course price) and more than equivalent to the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver PLUS Stress + Rescue courses.

Participants must have completed at least 25 dives before the start of the course.

 The course price is 498 CHF/ 415 EURO and represents the value of the training effort, course dives and rental gear are not included. We recommend booking an package of 10 dives for the course and further diving after.


SUBEX Dive Leader – further training at the highest level

To become a SUBEX Diver Leader, training is intensive and covers at least 20 hours of theory and at least 25 hours of practice in all aspects of sport diving, education and training in immediate life-saving aid as well as proof of excellent swimming and free diving skills with ABC equipment.

Basic requirements for participation are: experience of at least 75 dives, comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the organisation and completion of dives down to 40 metres depth, CMAS D** certification or equivalent. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified with CMAS D*** and optionally with the SSI DiveCon as well.

Prices on request

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Diving with Even Greater Finesse

The speciality courses listed below are designed to further refine your diving skills and expand your knowledge of diving. The required dives and the equipment for all specialty courses will be deducted with the SUBEX Best-Price-Principle. The costs for the educational power and the dive guide is in the course price included.

Program Duration Number of dives Number of theoretical lessons
Nitrox Course 1 day 2 1
Night diving/limited visibility 2 x ½ day 2 1
Deep diving 2 day 3 1
Underwater Navigation 1 day 2 1
Boat Diving 1 day 2 1
Equipment & Techniques 1 day 2 1
Wreck Diving 1 day 2 1
Waves, Tides & Currents 1 day 2 1
Stress & Rescue 1 ½ days 3 2
Combination Navigation & Deep Diving 2 days 3 2
Further Speciality Courses on request on request on request


Dive Instructor Training and Cross-over Courses

Besides being a diving center for recreational divers, the Hurghada base is also a CMAS and SSI authorized center for training diving instructors. In cooperation with the national associations of CMAS (VDST Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher, EULSF Egyptian Underwater Life saving Federation) and SSI Egypt, we are authorized to conduct diving instructor training courses up to the levels CMAS M*** and SSI DIVE Control Specialist Instructor. In connection with our own internal advanced training courses for SUBEX diving instructors, we offer non-SUBEX members official courses of instruction and cross-over courses for diving instructors belonging to other associations. All these courses comply with CMAS and SSI guidelines. They are conducted annually as follows.

CMAS M* / SSI AOWI   twice a year
CMAS M** / SSI DCSI   once a year

The above courses are supervised and conducted by: Johann Vifian (Managing Director SUBEX Red Sea), Certified CMAS Staff Instructor and SSI Instructor Certifier.


Thinking about a new careers or interested in advancing as a professional diving instructor?

Then contact us at the address below. We are happy to give you more detailed information about our DI training program, the exact dates for courses, their duration, complete course information, costs, etc.

SUBEX Red Sea Diving Centers Headoffice
Att. of Mr. Johann Vifian
P.O. Box 207, Aldahar, Hurghada
Phone: 0020 653 548 651, Fax: 0020 653 547 471

Learning by Doing

To prepare effectively for one of the courses and/or to put what you learn to practice right away, SUBEX Red Sea offers future test candidates and course graduates a chance to complete a 2 to 3 month stint at one of our 4 bases on the Red Sea. If you are interested, contact us at the above address or check out our job openings.