SUBEX RevelationNemo Clownfisch Dive

At SUBEX there are no boring try dives. The first adventurous dive takes place in the Red Sea on a coral reef. It will sharpen your senses for the beauty of the sea: the dive revelation!

This very first experience should be exciting, prickling, friendly, colorful and relaxed. To enjoy this adventure you better be with professionals. 

The Diver should feel comfortable and safe while he enjoys the gorgeousness of the underwater world for the first time.


Dive aims

This dive is all about the first amazing experience under water in the Red Sea on a coral reef with equipment. Fun and exaltation are the main part of the dive. A SUBEX Guide/dive instructor shows fishes and corals and floats with you through the water.

Course contents

  • one dive in 5 - 8 meters depth, duration around 20 - 30 minutes
  • mentoring 1 : 1 or maximum 2 : 1
  • a short theoretical advice and a detailed debriefing
  • transport to the diving spot and back to the diving center
  • diving equipment
  • The diver receives a unique certificate on papyrus, a voucher abbout 50 CHF/ Euro for dive training at SUBEX and a SUBEX Member Card, which guarantees discounts on further services at SUBEX.

Prerequisites, further information & diving for kids

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  • recommendation: We recommend a medical examination confirming fitness to dive
  • All is inclusive: material, transport, service
  • from 8 years, if the kids´ physical constitution allows diving. The depth is adapted for children.