SUBEX FUN Diver – Get to know to diveFUN DIVER Karte

You don´t have enough time for a complete dive training this holiday? You like to dive just every now and then and only for fun? A comfortable depth of 12 meters is enough for you and you like to be supervised of a guide on every dive? Would you like to dive but don´t do too much theory lessons on your holiday? Or do you want your diving education simply divide into two parts, then you start with the FUN Diver and finish later with the SUBEX DIVER UPGRADE TO OWD/CMAS *

The SUBEX FUN Diver is exactly that: Fun! The theory is shortened and we start do dive directly. In a small group 2 to 4 divers learn the basic skills that they need in order to feel comfortable and safe under water. The students become effortlessly acquainted with the diving skills. After completion of the course, they may dive with a guide down to 12 meters depth.

Course aims

The main goal is to be slowly introduced to the diving practice in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The course participants can use their equipment and should feel comfortable. They dive independently. Since this course can be a part of the basic dive training for SUBEX Diver a few skills are already practiced, such as the handling and the correct use of diving equipment, as well as buoyancy under water. In theory the students learn everything they need.

Course contents

  • duration: 1,5 to 2 days
  • 3 dives with detailed briefings and debriefings. Here the students get an introduction of diving at an coral reef, their equipment and safty under water.
  • full equipment including diving computer, which is standard at SUBEX`
  • SUBEX FUN Diver card
  • transport to the diving spots
  • SUBEX logbook and training pass
  • SUBEX Member card, which guarantees discounts on further services
  • a voucher of 50 CHF/40 Euro for the Continuing Training to SUBEX Diver (ATAzSD)
  • teaching materials

Prerequisites & further information & kids program

  • Requirement for participation is a good health condition and a minimum age of 10 years. Previous knowledge is not required.
  • Kids classes are held separately from the adult courses to respond best to the needs of the youngest. For the implementation SUBEX always takes into account the physical and mental development of the child or the young person. Accordingly, the depths and dive times are covered.
  • In Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh students learn how to dive mainly on the SUBEX owned house reefs. In Hurghada the SUBEX FUN Diver course takes place within the daily boat trips. In El Quseir Minibus safaris to the diving spots will be organized for the divers. 
  • course price:  > click here to see the price list (Our course fees are from 2 to maximum 4 participants. If only one participant takes part in the course due to the guest situation SUBEX will charge an extra fee of 40 CHF/50 Euro. Of course each course can be booked as private course upon request. An additional fee will be charged.)
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