SSI Boat Diving SpecialtyBootstauchen Specialty - Verhalten auf dem Boot und Tauchen vom Boot aus

You are already a diver and enjoy diving on half or full day boat trips?

Do you think about taking a vacation on a diving safari boat or do you like being taken to the diving spot by Zodiac or speed boat?

Would you like to do your boat diving adventures under the preposition of maxium safety and know-how?




Course aims

  • This course targets safe diving with various types of boats.
  • Starting with special behavioural rules, boat equipmenmts, how to handle rough weather and waves upt top the special behaviour getting in and out of the water with and without orientation point like the anchor line.
  • Basic skills like handling your equipment and that of your diving buddy, respecting and following environmental conditions, underwater signals and communication will be repeated and clarified.
  • We will talk about the handling of dangerous situations, especially loosing your buddy or diving in strong current as well as navigation to and from the boat.
  • To enable you to plan, commit and finish your dives properly we will discuss the respiratory minute volume (RMV), we will calculate the air consumption and define the minimum reserve, max depth and bottom time.

Course contents

  • 2 diving lessons about boat diving, depending on your destination by daily diving boat, Zodiax or both.
  • 4 theory lessons during Briefing and Debriefing covering the selection of a dive boat, how to act on board of a boat and special requirements diving from a boat.
  • SSI certification "Boat Diver" (SSI fee applies as a surcharge)

Prerequisites & futher information

  • Teaching materials will be provided for you with all SUBEX specialty courses.
  • With only three more SSI Specialties your SSI Open Water Diver is upgraded to SSI Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Prerequisite for any SSI Specialty course is an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification by SSI or another aknowledged diving association, like PADI OWD or CMAS D*
  • Booking: > click here to open the online booking request form
  • Recommendation: We recommend booking a package of 6 or 10 dives for the course dives and  to practise your newly aquired skills additionally. In El Quseir all water lessons will be done by Zodiac.