SSI Deep Diving Specialty

Tieftauchen Specialty


Would you like to submerge into the deep blue water and be able to handle the changed pressure conditions at a depth of 40 meter confidently and masterfully?

Do you want to feel save and comfortable because you have the knowledge and skills that allow you to conduct deep dives?

Do you want bo be a reliable buddy for your diving partners because you know exactly what you need to consider on a deep dive?


SSI - Schuba Schools International
Then it is time to become a deep diving specialist with SUBEX and SSI!


Course aims

  • This specialty targets the awareness of special risks that can occur on a deep dive, enabling you to handle this challenges confidently. Course participants learn how to deal with nitrogen narcosis and oxygen poisoning and how to react on partner loss and strong currents.
  • Basic skills like handling your equipment and that of your diving buddy, respecting and following environmental conditions, underwater signals and communication will be repeated and clarified.
  • To enable you to plan, commit and finish your dives properly we will discuss the respiratory minute volume (RMV), we will calculate the air consumption and define the minimum reserve, max depth and bottom time.
  • After completion of the course the participants know about the remaining nitrogen levels and are able to conduct repetitive deep dives securely.

Course contents

  • 3 diving lessons focussing on deep diving. The dives are coordinated to slowly aquaint the students to the recreational diving limitation of 40 meters.
  • 5 theory lessons during briefing and debriefing about planning deep dives, equipment for deep diving, calculation of deep dives and the addiotional risks of deep and repetetive deep dives.
  • SSI certification "Deep Diving" (SSI fee applies as a surcharge)

Prerequisites & further information

  • Teaching materials will be provided for you with all SUBEX specialty courses.
  • With only three more SSI Specialties your SSI Open Water Diver is upgraded to SSI Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • SUBEX also offers a combination of Deep Diving and Navigation Specialties. > click here for more information
  • Prerequisite for any SSI Specialty course is an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification by SSI or another aknowledged diving association, like PADI OWD or CMAS D*
  • Booking: > click here to open the online booking request form
  • Recommendation: We recommend booking a package of 6 or 10 dives for the course dives and  to practise your newly aquired skills additionally.