SSI Equipment & TECHNIQUES SpecialtY

Ausrüstung & Technik - es geht auch fast ganz ohne :-)In Scuba Diving you rely completely on your equipment and the equipment of your diving buddy.

Du you want to feel even more comfortable under water, learn more about your equipment and how to act quickly and responsibly in case of problems or danger?

Do you want to know how to use your equipment for peak buoyancy?

Would you like to exercise alternative air support repeatedly to be able to handle regulator and octopus in the most confident way?

Then it is time to become an equipment TECHNIQUES specialist with subex!

Course aims

  • The target of this specialty is to learn to use your equipment safely and in an experienced way in depths betwen 5 and 30 m.
  • This includes de-mounting the inflator hose, the usage of your BCD, the calm and safe flooding, removal and cleaning of your mask, taking of and regaining your gear under water.
  • These skills require an exact knowledge of your equipment, which you will achieve in this specialty course.
  • Additionally course participants learn how to use the safety buoy and the underwater torch. Skills like pivoting and bobbing are repeated and solidified.
  • We will talk about the handling of dangerous situations, especially loosing your buddy or diving in strong current.
  • To enable you to plan, commit and finish your dives properly we will discuss the respiratory minute volume (RMV), we will calculate the air consumption and define the minimum reserve, max depth and bottom time

Course contents

  • 2 diving lessons targeting equipment techniques
  • 4 theory lessons during Briefing and Debriefing about the snorkeling equipment, SCUBA gear, BCD, neoprene suite,  gauges, tools and equipment care
  • SSI certification "Equipment & Techniques" (SSI fee applies as a surcharge)

Prerequisites & further information

  • Teaching materials will be provided for you with all SUBEX specialty courses.
  • With only three more SSI Specialties your SSI Open Water Diver is upgraded to SSI Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Prerequisite for any SSI Specialty course is an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification by SSI or another aknowledged diving association, like PADI OWD or CMAS *
  • Booking: > click here to open the online booking request form
  • Recommendation: We recommend booking a package of 6 or 10 dives for the course dives and  to practise your newly aquired skills additionally.