All but assured – SUBEX air28


The air mixture of the future


Since the start of the 2006 season, divers at all bases have been treated to SUBEX’S very own breathing gas. SUBEX air28 is a light Nitrox mixture containing 28% oxygen. This mix of air combines the advantages of the ‘NITROX diving’ (32-36% oxygen) with those of ‘normal’ diving air (21% oxygen). For sport divers, these two measures taken by SUBEX have almost succeeded in ‘squaring the circle’.




Better than NITROX and better than the normal air mixture – why?

Complying with the maximum recommended depth of 40 m for sport divers and taking on board the maximum partial pressure of oxygen of 1.4 bar, SUBEX air28 makes divers far less susceptible to decompression sickness and oxygen poisoning.

Special dive tables or computer settings are not required as with the use of NITROX, Although divers still go down with dive computers set to the normal air mixture.



The comfortable feeling of safety – this means:

  • Greatly enhanced safety with respect to saturation and desaturation

  • A lower risk of inert gas narcosis (rapture of the deep)

  • Shorter mandatory breaks before flying

SUBEX air28 is available to divers as a matter of course. Filling up with normal compressed air is now a thing of the past.

No additional training or Nitrox certificate is required to dive with SUBEX air28, since this air mixture does not take divers beyond the threshold past which holding a NITROX certificate is necessary.

The adoption of SUBEX air28 as its standard mix makes SUBEX the first dive operator in the world to create a new product and tread even more new ground for the benefit of sport divers.