A successful & unique system - We set the standards

SUBEX Services - WE do make a DIFFERENCE

SUBEX offers a complete range of unique programs to its guests: 


No extra fees for Early Morning and Night dives - with SUBEX you are diving for the same price at every time of day.

SUBEX air28

Since 2006 each SUBEX guest dives with the ultimate air SUBEX air28, better than Nitrox and better than the normal mixture. Of course without extra charge.


No stupid limits

There are no unnecessary restrictions as to diving time. The steel cylinders filled with 200 bar may be used to a residual pressure. A diving depth of a maximum 40 metres is permitted – of course having taken into account the diver’s training, experience and form on the day.


Welcome Divealt

Free guidance and supervision on the first dive to start your diving holiday free of worry.

One to four

We arrange our dives in such a way that a guide will never accompany more than four guests at most. All instruction is carried out in the same “one to four” ratio.


After the first dive at a SUBEX base, you automatically become a SUBEX member and get your Membercard. With this you are able to enjoy the benefits of being a SUBEX diver.



altWithout much dangling equipment, this kind of diving is also free of too much technology. The diver relies on his buddy, and free of weights and BC, he relies on his lungs.
Do your first FEEL THE DIVE with us, a guided dive only with bikini / shorts, with bottle on the back (on a back plate), to which a first and second stage are fixed, with fins and mask. You will feel like a fish in the water. You get a fixed price for the dive on the house reefs and the boat at the Hurghada center.
The guide takes part in the dive. He takes, as usual, a maximum of 4 divers, so the fun is preserved in a small group. It goes without saying that we dive FEEL THE DIVE at a reasonable depth and ascend after a reasonable time.

Fun Diver

The SUBEX FUN Diver is a special training program developed for the nosy holiday maker to whom one introductory dive is not enough and a whole diving course is too much.

Early Morning And Night Dives

Since Easter 2012 the extra charges for Early Morning Dives and Nightdives are banned at all SUBEX Diving Centers. Both programs are treated like dives during daytime. No Aprils fool!