The environmental statement

You get back what you give

SUBEX is committed to protecting the environment and helping to look after marine flora and fauna. This goes both for SUBEX employees as well as all guests and is a concept that is emphasised to SUBEX divers during training.

The strong belief that each diver is merely a guest in the beautiful submarine world, should not cause any damage and must protect and respect life underwater is practised as well as preached. Just consider the many worthwhile activities undertaken to maintain the reef eco systems on the initiative of managing director JohannVifian, a co-founder of the HEPCA, and the man behind the El Quseir Charter and the Reef Check study in El Quadium Bay.

With plenty of patience and commitment, these projects have brought the cause to international political attention. Developing the project further is aimed to boost awareness of the importance of protecting and maintaining the "underwater habitat".

Protecting the coral reef

In El Quseir, Red Sea, Egypt, a conference on protecting the coral reef took place on 6th to 9th December 2005 on the initiative of the diving sport company SUBEX.

El Quseir Charta

SUBEX’s beliefs cannot be emphasised more clearly than in this article published in Der Spiegel online: Fewer Divers, More Reef (german) by Linus Geschke.

altAgainst Plastic waistalt

Since August 2011, each SUBEX diving guest has a free bottle of drinking water available for the entire dive trip. This brings the issue of disposable plastic bottles to an abrupt end. Upon check-in at a given dive center, the guest receives a bottle that keeps cold things cold and hot things hot.. The bottle has a mug that can be used for convenient drinking. Water is available at the dive centers free of charge for refills. The boats, jeeps and mini buses for half and full day trips are equipped with water coolers, so that the diver or snorkeler only brings his own bottle, thus causing no waste. At the end of the trip, anyone who wants can keep the bottle  for 4 € / 5 CHF. All SUBEX employees use the bottle obligatorily. SUBEX hopes that the idea, originally established by Beluga Travel, will be taken up by all dive centers in the industry in order to protect the environment.

Reef Check

After 10 years of valuable collaboration between the Mövenpick Hotel Sirena Beach - which was awarded the “Green Globe” - and SUBEX THE ART OF DIVING in El Quseir, managing director Johann Vifian decided that the famous El Quadim Bay should be examined by experts in marine biology. The internationally renowned organisation Reef Check e.V. was asked to take on the study.

Reef Study (english, available for download)

Hurghada Protected Area

HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) is a recognised, non-governmental organisation. It works to protect and maintain the environment, the coral reef and the Red Sea’s eco-system and its coastline.


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