Your holidays are precious! And we are there to help you spend them without any worries.

The well-being, happiness and safety of our divers has been a priority for SUBEX since its foundation in 1965, without losing sight of the fact that diving is and should remain an adventure - YOUR adventure!


We meet all Swiss quality standards. A 99% recommendation rate and two-thirds returning customers, some of whom dive with SUBEX several times a year are clearly positive signs for THE ART OF DIVING.

Ultimately, the Art of Diving is a feeling that beggars description; it can only be dived and experienced. We warmly invite you to see for yourself!  

All the important information you need for a diving holiday with SUBEX is listed over the next few pages.

The most important features of every SUBEX diving holiday should involve stress-free days, rest, relaxation and adventure.


  • Supervision in small groups (max. 4 divers/students per diving instructor/guide)
  • Individual supervision on all SUBEX bases, since we never exceed the limited guest numbers.
  • The 1:1 experience with Nature: all courses take place exclusively in open water.
  • Professionally trained staff, who know and visit the remote reefs.
  • Jeep safaris, camel safaris and/or more within the framework.

Environmental Awareness

Every time that SUBEX must engage with Nature, be it building a new diving centre, choosing a dive site, training the instructors or putting together the diving groups and the unique “underwater walks”, we always take the natural world and sustainability into consideration. Clean-up days, the El Quseir Charter, the annual marine biology seminar, a limited number of divers at “our” house reef are all intended to preserve Nature in all her glory for future generations. Environmental awareness isn’t an empty phrase for us – it’s a passion.


  • Hiring diving instructors and guides, who all have at least 250 logged dives - most have many more – with the corresponding experience.
  • Comprehensive safety measures at all our bases.
  • Carefully maintained hire equipment and transport methods such as boats and vehicles.
  • air28 as our standard gas.