We set the standard

SUBEX air28 – the secret’s in the mix

We are the first - and to date only - company in the world to fill our diving tanks with our special house breathing gas SUBEX air28 instead of normal compressed air. Diving with the air mix enriched by 28% oxygen does not require any additional training and increases the safety of sports divers as well as the feeling of well-being when diving.

1*4*4 - One to four

We arrange our dives in such a way that a guide will never accompany more than four guests at most. Before the dive he or she will inform you about what to expect in terms of topography, animal kingdom, currents and safety measures. Each dive is arranged as an ‘experience dive’ and afterwards you will have a thorough discussion of what has been observed. All instruction is held in the same “one to four” ratio.

Welcome Dive

Free guidance and supervision on the first dive to start your diving holiday free of worry.

No stupid limits

There are no unnecessary restrictions as to diving time. The steel tanks filled with 200 bar may be used to a residual pressure. A diving depth of a maximum 40 metres is permitted – of course having taken into account the diver’s training, experience and form on the day.

Quality and Safety

We set very high requirements for all our employees, who are selected very carefully. An intensive and demanding training course (delivered personally) prepares them fully for their tasks and responsibilities. There is also an excellent emergency management procedure and reliable aid services at the base and on diving boats.

Diving equipment and workshop

Diving equipment that is tested by professionals and regularly serviced is equally important. For example, breathing regulators with octopus, dive computers and halogen lamps. Steel tanks up to 15 litres and a default setting always at 200 bar with air28 ensure a pleasant and safe dive. Excellently equipped workshops are also available.