Frequently Asked Questions

This short list should answer any initial questions about a diving holiday with SUBEX. For more information and queries, we recommend using the Contact Form.


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What's the SUBEX Member Card?

Each guest that dives with SUBEX will receive a "Dive Control Card" on their first dive. You will get a stamp for each subsequent dive. Once you have 10 paid dives under your belt, you'll get an 11th free. All guests diving with SUBEX automatically become members. Those with more than 100 dives with SUBEX become Silver Members; 250 dives get them Gold Member status. Additional benefits are available with silver or gold status.



Are there any obligations to being a SUBEX member?

No. SUBEX membership does not entail any obligations – only benefits!



How can I book diving packages or courses in advance?

All bookings can be made through the Booking Form, or by e-mail, telephone or fax. It is of course also possible to book the full holiday (including dives) with a range of well-known operators and travel agencies. An overview of the different providers can be found here.



Is it useful to reserve in advance?

Yes. For one thing, there are only a limited number of places at our bases, particularly El Quseir where we only allow a maximum of 30 guests to dive at the house reef at the same time. We also provide a pre-payment discount on diving packages and courses paid before arrival.



Why can't some courses be booked in advance, only reserved?

Courses for advanced divers are carried out according to the skills and capability of the guest in question. The instructor will use the Welcome Dive to assess whether a diver meets the requirements for the desired course. The same applies to courses for young people – there will be an on-site discussion with the young person to ensure that he or she is physically and mentally fit for the course. Of course, it is helpful for base staff if guests express interest in a course in advance, thus allowing them to plan accordingly.



What happens if I've booked and paid for a diving package, but now have to cancel my holiday?

There are two options as regards diving packages or courses cancelled before the start of the holiday:

There is no refund. You will, however, receive a voucher for the diving package you booked. This is valid for 18 months after the date of cancellation. There are no cancellation or administration charges.

2) Refund:
You will be refunded, but with a CHF 35.00 / EUR 28.00 deduction to cover administrative costs.



Do diving packages booked in advance have to be dived in one go?

No. The booked package is valid for the entire holiday period. This means that you can, for example, split a booked 6-dive package into one dive every other day over a two-week period, or do 2 dives on any three days of your choice. Only full-day boat trips are offered in Hurghada, so you could go out on the boat every day for six days and only do one dive on each day. However, three boat trips must then be paid for on site. A diving package cannot be split between several people — this is the only restriction.



How can I pay on site?

The following methods of payment are accepted at all our bases (the currency conversion is based on official bank exchange rates):

  • Cash in the following currencies: CHF, EUR, USD, EGP
  • Traveller Cheques in the currenciesCHF, EUR, USD
  • Credit cards by: VISA, Master/Eurocard, AMEX


Do I need a medical certificate if I want to dive with SUBEX?

To have a medical certificate is obligatory for divers older than 40. For the divers younger than 40 we highly recommend getting yourself checked out once a year by a doctor trained in dive medicine in order to rule out any health risks. A full examination to determine your diving fitness includes all the points listed at (Sub-menu: documents "Go to Medical Forms") in the medical history questionnaire. If you cannot present a valid certificate at check-in (examination date no more than 12 months previously), the guest must declare in his participation statement that there are no medical impediments to his or her diving fitness. If we at SUBEX have any doubts, the guest must be prepared to be checked out by a diving physician on site.



Why is a diving guide with SUBEX calculated separately and at different prices?

It is of the greatest importance to us that our guests are offered an individual, personalised service. For us, this means being able to address all kinds of requests and experiences. With SUBEX, a guided dive always takes place in a 4 to 1 ratio so that SUBEX employees are able to look after each guest properly. Beginners requiring or preferring 1 to 1 guidance will be assigned a private guide. Those with sufficient training and experience who do not want a guide are able to dive unaccompanied in "buddy teams" after the Welcome Dive. This service requires a high number of staff. For this reason, prices are calculated specific to expenditure. The guide at the Welcome Dive is obligatory and free of charge.


What's a "Welcome Dive"?

The purpose of the first dive of the holiday (we call it the "Welcome Dive") is to acclimatise the guest to the diving holiday according to his or her initial individual abilities. It is a full dive and organised by the SUBEX guide as an 'experience dive'. The "Welcome Dive" service (briefing, guide during the dive and debriefing) is free of charge; the dive itself is deducted from the booked diving package i.e. charged as a dive.



Why do you do a Welcome Dive?

Firstly, SUBEX would like to familiarise their guests with the topographical and logistical realities of the area. SUBEX also naturally feels responsible for its divers and therefore prefers to get a good idea of guests' diving skills in order to provide individually tailored support during their holiday.



How much time should I allow for in various courses?

Training is always split into practical and theory lessons regardless of the guests' varying strengths and weaknesses. It is sometimes necessary to prepare for, or follow up on, theory lessons in the evening with some self-study. In total, we estimate the following time frames:

SUBEX FUN DIVER (Scuba Diver):
1 ½ days (HRG: 2 days, since full-day boat trips), incl. 3 dives and 3 theory lessons

SUBEX DIVER (Open Water Diver):
5 days, incl. 7 dives and 6 theory lessons

SSI Advanced Diver:
3 days, incl. 6 dives and 4 theory lessons

SUBEX ART DIVER (Advanced Level) Intensive course:
6 days, at least 6 dives and further practical sessions (swimming, snorkelling, free diving) and 6 theory lessons. Note: The SUBEX ART DIVER course cannot be booked in advance as it heavily depends on the divers' skills and experience. This will be determined on site by the diving instructor and a corresponding schedule will then be drawn up for the guest.



I still don't know if I want to do a SUBEX DIVER course; I'd like to try the taster dive first. Will I get any credit if I then opt for a course?

Yes, every guest that does a taster dive with SUBEX will receive a voucher for CHF 50.00 / EUR 30.00, which can then be redeemed when booking a SUBEX DIVER course - regardless whether this is during the present holiday, or the next.



Can I finish my Open Water Diver course with SUBEX, if I've already started elsewhere?

The SUBEX DIVER course, certified by CMAS T* and SSI OWD, is a self-contained training model.
In principle, we dissuade students from studying theory and practical lessons separately, as there is a strong link between them. What students learn over the theory sessions is immediately applied on the next dive. That said, it is possible for you to complete the theory elements at home. You must, however, make up for the lessons in Equipment and Ecology. We recommend your presence for the other theory units.

We will offer you a training programme tailored to your previous course on site.

Pre-payment is not possible due to the individual nature of the course programme.



I'd like to give a dive voucher as a gift. How can I go about it?

We offer two kinds of gift voucher: vouchers for 6-dive or 10-dive packages and courses subject to a particular base and b) vouchers in Euros or Swiss Francs for any base.

If you would like to obtain a voucher, please send an e-mail to with the following information: name, full address, name of the voucher recipient, type of voucher and required details (for dive vouchers: type of diving package or course, SUBEX base; for currency vouchers: amount, currency).



Are there depth restrictions with SUBEX?

The depth you are allowed to dive of course depends on your experience, training and form on the day.

In general, there is a depth limit of 40 m. Divers certified by AOWD/T** and with at least 20-30 dives' experience may dive to this limit unaccompanied.

For accompanied dives, depth limits are given by the guide during the briefing depending on the experience of individual guests.

Open Water Divers may dive down to 18 m unaccompanied; the depth limit may be extended provided that they dive accompanied by a SUBEX employee to gauge whether they are sufficiently qualified.

There is a maximum depth of 12 m for young people aged 10-11 and 15 m for those aged 12-14.



Is there a time limit on dives?

No. The tanks (121 and 151) may be emptied to the last few bars of residual pressure regardless of how long this takes.



Why do you dive with "air28" at SUBEX?

The increased amount of oxygen will reduce signs of fatigue and the risk of nitrogen-related sickness. The dive computers remain on compressed air mode for increased security and peace of mind in terms of decompression sickness. As a result of the light mixture, you can dive to 40 m without problem and without exceeding a maximum partial pressure of 1.4 bar.



Is Nitrox also offered?

Of course. Nitrox 32% and 36% are available to certified Nitrox divers. We also offer 121 and 151 steel tanks here at no extra charge.



Why do you need a copy of my passport at check-in?

For diving in national parks (for example, Ras Mohamed, Giftun) and sometimes in the coastal areas of El Quseirm we are required to provide the local authorities with all guests' passport numbers.



Does SUBEX have cameras for rental?

SUBEX doesn't provide cameras for rental. Please let us know if you are interested. We can try to help you to find a reliable provider for rental equipment.


For which period is valid the Low Season Discount?

Applicable is the date of arrival at your holiday destination. If your date of arrival is in the period which SUBEX defines you get the Low Season Discount - of course just if you book and pay in advance.

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