Nature and climate of Egypt

The climate is Mediterranean in Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. In the Nile Delta, Cairo, Middle and Upper Egypt, the climate is more desert-like. The Nile Delta and the Mediterranean coast have predominantly dry and hot summers, and mild and rainy winters.
In the areas along the Red Sea, such as Hurghada, El Quseir and Sharm el Sheikh, the temperatures in the months from May to September are 30-35 ° C, sometimes even 40 ° C. There often blows a refreshing breeze, which makes it more comfortable especially in high summer temperatures. Year-round diving, snorkeling and beach holidays are pleasant. In winter, daytime temperatures reach 18 to 22 ° C. At night, the temperatures drop.
About 95% of Egypt is desert. The climate in the arid desert landscapes is subject to the typical temperature fluctuation: it is very hot during the day and very cold at night.

Source: Excerpts from Egypt Specialist