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All bookings can be made right here on the website or on spot. We also accept bookings by email or phone.

Yes. You can profit from attractive reductions if you book and pay in advance. Also we can plan better and your place will be guaranteed.

The following means of payment are accepted (the currency conversion is based on the official bank rates)

Cash payment in: CHF / EUR / USD and Egyptian Pound (EGP). When paying in EGP is converted at the current CHF exchange rate.

Credit card payments with VISA and Mastercard can be made locally free of charge in Egyptian Pound EGP. Please note that if you pay by credit card in other currencies than in the currency in which the account is kept, the bank will convert it. As a result, the pros and cons, due to currency fluctuations, must be accepted. We accept also Debit card (if you have activated foreign payments).

Cancellation of services booked and paid for in advance is possible. If the cancellation is made in writing at least 2 days before arrival, the booked and paid services will be refunded as follows:

1. Financial refund of the paid service with the deduction of a handling fee according to the amount stated in the booking confirmation.
2. Voucher, valid for 18 months from date of issue, for services booked and paid for in advance on the respective SUBEX basis without deduction of a processing fee.

If there is no written cancellation at least 2 days prior to arrival or the customer does not show up, no refund will be made for services booked and paid for in advance.

SUBEX recommends a medical certificate. All guests confirm also on our participation form that they are “healthy” and do not suffer from any illness and there are no medical reasons which could negatively influence his diving fitness.
Should there be any doubt on our part, the guest must expect to have his diving fitness certified by a local diving physician.

The rule is: up to the age of 40, you should have a doctor confirm that you are “healthy” every two years. After 40 years it is then recommended annually (circulatory and heart problems).

5 days before your arrival you will receive a mail from us with the time arrangement for the check-in.

Please bring the following documents to check-in:
• Diving certification (if available)
• Logbook (if available)
• Medical certificate (if available)
• Your passport number (essential for boat trips)

The purpose of the first dive on holiday, we call it a “Welcome Dive”, is to get the guest in the right mood for the diving holiday in a gentle and stress-free way, according to his individual starting position. The Welcome Dive is a dive of full duration and is in any case designed by the SUBEX guide as an adventure dive. The “Welcome Dive” service (briefing, accompaniment during the dive and debriefing) is free of charge. The dive itself is deducted from the booked dive package or charged as one dive.

First of all, SUBEX would like to familiarise its guests with the topographical and logistical conditions during the Welcome Dive. In addition, SUBEX feels responsible for its guests. For this reason, SUBEX would like to get to know the diving skills of its guests so that it can provide them with support tailored to their individual knowledge during their holiday.

Yes, you can rent the complete dive equipment as well as the individual units.

This is decided by the captain, depending on the weather conditions. Of course, the wishes of the guests are considered as best as possible.

We do two dives per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The increased oxygen content reduces symptoms of fatigue and the risk of nitrogen diseases. The dive computers remain in compressed air mode, thus increasing safety with regard to decompression sickness. Due to the light mixture, diving to a depth of up to 40 m without exceeding a maximum partial pressure of 1.4 bar is possible without any problems.

Of course. Certified Nitrox divers can use Nitrox 32% and 36% at no additional cost. We also offer 12l and 15l steel cylinders, of course without extra charge.

Yes, you can, as long as you have the appropriate experience in Sidemount diving.
You need to bring the carrying device for attaching and carrying the tanks. We at SUBEX do not have any special equipment for Sidemount. If you want to dive with the configuration on both sides a tank, you have to pay an additional tank.

The training is always divided into practical and theoretical lessons and depends on the different strengths and weaknesses of the guests. Sometimes it will be necessary to prepare or follow up the theory lessons in the evening in self-study. Altogether we expect the following time frame:

SUBEX FUN DIVER (CMAS/VDST/GDL Basic Diver or SSI Scuba Diver):
1 ½ days (HRG: 2 days, since full day boat trips), incl. 3 dives and 3 theory lessons

5 days, including 7 dives and 6 theory lessons

5 days, min. 8 dives and additional practical lessons (swimming, snorkeling, freediving) and 6 theory lessons

We value the fact that we offer our guests an individual service. For us, this also means being able to respond to the different wishes and experiences. Guiding at SUBEX always takes place in a maximum ratio of 4:1, i.e. a maximum of 4 divers per guide, so that the SUBEX staff can take sufficient care of each guest. Beginners who still need or wish to be looked after 1:1 are accompanied by a private guide.
Those guests who already have sufficient diving training and experience and do not wish to be accompanied by a guide can dive unaccompanied in buddy teams after the Welcome Dive. These different requirements require different levels of staffing. For this reason, prices are calculated according to the amount of work involved. Accompaniment during the Welcome Dive is obligatory and free of charge.

SUBEX does not hire out cameras and video cameras. We kindly ask interested guests to contact us so that we can help with the rental of cameras from other companies.

No, a simple lunch can be ordered on site for CHF/EUR 06.00 in Hurghada and for CHF/EUR 09.00 in Sharm El Sheikh. You can of course bring your own food.

SUBEX offers a free pick-up service so that every guest can take advantage of their booked diving program on time and without additional effort.
This includes picking up the guest from their accommodation (resort, hotel) to the diving center, jetty, house reef or harbor and back to the hotel, within a maximum radius of 25 km.
Cross-area transfers of more than 25 km are also offered for a fee.

For hotels who are located in Makadi Bay we can not offer a transfer service.
The Makadi Bay hotels all have their own cabs. For this reason, we cannot pick you up. Our drivers with SUBEX cars are not allowed in Makadi Bay.

Yes, we offer airport transfers, at an additional cost.
The transfer from the airport to the accommodation costs CHF 18.00 for one person and CHF 12.00 per person for two people.

You can find the following hotels near us:
Arabia Azur Resort 4*
Arabella Azur Resort 4*
Bel Air Azur Resort 4* - Adults only
Hilton Hurghada Plaza 5*
Meraki Resort 4* - Adults only

Our diving center is located in the Hotel Baron Palace.
The following hotels are nearby:
Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa 5* - Adults only
Tropitel 5*
Gravity Hotel 5*
Old Palace Resort 5*
KaiSol Romance Resort 5*

Our diving center is located in the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino.
The following hotels are nearby:
Jaz Fayrouz 4*
Jaz Sharm Dreams 5*
Novotel Sharm El Sheikh 5*
Naama Bay Hotel & Resort 5*
Mövenpick 5*
Stella di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa 5*
Cataract Layalina Resort 4*

Everey guest that dives with SUBEX gets a “Dive Control Card” after the first dive, on which each dive is stamped. For each 10 stamped dives you receive a free dive! Every guest that ever dived with SUBEX is automatically a SUBEX Member. Guests with more than 100 dives become Silver Members and after 250 dives Gold Members. Silver and Gld Members profit from additional advantages.

No. SUBEX Membership is completely free and does not involve any obligations.

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