Good to know” is better than “If I had only known”!

In the new brochure “Good to know” you will find tips and advice for a perfect diving holiday.

All important diving holiday preparations, which start with a good planning including the careful selection of the destination and dive center, are described in detail by the author Johann Vifian and with enormous background knowledge.

The innovative “Dive Base Checklist” helps, for example in the process of distinguishing good dive centers in advance from dubious ones so that negative surprises can be avoided on the spot. Extensive practical tips on dives and diving equipment will be discussed as well as environmentally conscious diving and training.

The included overview of the training levels of the various diving organizations and associations (CMAS, VDST, SSI and PADI) is particularly enlightening. This booklet answers important questions, such as: How do I find the right dive center? What makes a good dive center different from others? What does the 4-star rule mean? What makes a good dive center? How do I compare price and performance at a dive center? What belongs in the diving baggage? Which diving equipment should I buy first? How does a briefing / debriefing ideally work?

Fascinating images taken by Johann himself illustrate and emphasize the informatively valuable content.

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